One Shot

The Russian Roulette of photography.

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One Shot celebrates the fragile beauty of analog by commissioning photographers to shoot a single roll of film that we turn into the most limited, limited-edition prints ever. The photographs are sold blindly in our unique online gallery — so the prints remain a mystery until they’re purchased. We then destroy the negatives to ensure that each shot remains an edition of one forever. Our latest edition is a collaboration with Polaroid Originals. Read about it on It’s Nice That.

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Art Project

Select One Shots

For Edition Three, we handed empty rolls of film to photographers Lotte van Raalte, Johan Kramer and Olya Oleinic and sent them into the world to capture a sequence of analog snaps. The 70 prints were revealed during a one-night-only exhibition at NewWerktheater in Amsterdam.



Zack McDonald
Daan van Dam
Zorica Radovic


Brian Finke
Jeff Luker
Lotte van Raalte
Johan Kramer
Olya Oleinic
Robbie Augspurger
Stephanie Gonot

Film Editor:

Herman Forsman