Protest To Get There

Multiple campaigns for a great little brand.

Client: Protest Boardwear

Protest is a snowboard and surf company from the Netherlands, a place where mountains and waves do not exist. We completely reinvented their brand based on a simple insight — if you truly love to board, you’ll do whatever it takes “to get there.” Our long-standing partnership resulted in hundreds of pieces of communication covering every medium — from commercials and social activations to product design and even a man-made island that traveled the coast of Europe.



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Zack McDonald
Ewoudt Boonstra


Olaf Kampman
Matthijs de Jongh


Debora den Iseger
Marla Ulrich

“Protest To Get There” Director:

Daniel Eskils

“Your Journey Begins“ / “Never Leave The Water” / “Countdown To Get There” Director:

Zack McDonald
Ewoudt Boonstra

“Obstacles” Photographer:

Christian Weber

“Never Leave The Water” Photographer:

Dustin Humphrey

“Countdown” Photographer:

Vincent Skoglund
Andre Thijssen
Isabella Rozendaal

“Here To There” Photographer:

Carlos Pinto