The Gentleman’s Wager II

A film about beauty, luxury and chance.

Client: Johnnie Walker Blue
Agency: Anomaly

Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini make a wager on a priceless vintage car — Jude must race from Southern Italy to Monte Carlo in 20 hours. Along the way, he gets a little help from legendary Chinese actress, Zhao Wei. The 11-minute short premiered the same week as the latest Bond film and according to GQ: “Johnnie Walker have just released a short film that’s arguably better than Spectre (and a damn sight shorter).”

Creative Director


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Chief Creative Officer:

Mike Byrne

Creative Directors:

Zack McDonald
Mark Sarosi

Written by:

Zack McDonald
Mike Byrne

Photography by:

Tom Cockram

Directed by:

Jake Scott