The Ticket

The world's first and only boredom blocker.

Client: Converse
Agency: Anomaly

Converse gave us a dream brief: create a “never before done” piece of storytelling (centered on music) to motivate people to reject boring and choose the more creative path in life. We answered with a browser extension called The Ticket that turned boring banner ads into over 125 musical films, games, photos, gifs and “now-or-never opportunities” that gave people 10 seconds to claim free tickets to gigs and parties in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Paris.

Creative Director


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The Gigs

Creative Directors:

Zack McDonald
Rogier Vijverberg
Ewoudt Boonstra


Justin Blyth
Ola Syse


Anomaly + Superheroes

Intro Film Director:

Zac Ella

Short Film Directors:

Zac Ella
Rogier van der Zwaag
Fredrik Hillbom


Maeve Stam

GIF Creators:

Paul Layzell
Kate Prior
Jamie Martinez
Elza Jo